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Michael Yin

Last updated on September 28 2021

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I started writing blog posts about Wagtail CMS since 2017, some content and code might be a little outdated.

You can check the ebooks below to get the latest learning resources maintained by me.

The above ebooks build four projects which have similar features, but in different way. They can also help you have better understanding of the modern frontend tech and infrastructure.

Table of Contents:


Build Blog With Wagtail

Wagtail Tutorial Series:

  1. Create Wagtail Project
  2. Dockerizing Wagtail App
  3. Add Blog Models to Wagtail
  4. How to write Wagtail page template
  5. Add Bootstrap Theme to Wagtail
  6. How to use StreamField in Wagtail
  7. Wagtail Routable Page
  8. Add pagination component to Wagtail
  9. Customize Wagtail Page URL

The source code is available on https://github.com/AccordBox/wagtail-bootstrap-blog

Below posts are a little outdated, some code might not work with the latest Wagtail:

Advanced Features

Wagtail Tips

Write theme for Wagtail project

I have seen many people are still using old CSS to add style to their Wagtail projects.

So I wrote some posts to help them write SCSS instead of CSS in Wagtail projects, I think SCSS is better and I strongly recommend you to give it a try.

How to deploy your Wagtail project

Michael Yin

Michael is a Full Stack Developer from China who loves writing code, tutorials about Django, and modern frontend tech.

He has published some ebooks on leanpub and tech course on testdriven.io.

He is also the founder of the AccordBox which provides the web development services.

Table of Contents

Frontend Guide For Python Dev

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