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Here at Accordbox we help clients launch products in a lean way.

Products & Open Source Projects

Saas Hammer

SaaS Hammer helps you launch products in faster way. It contains all the foundations you need so you can focus on your product.

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Python Webpack Boilerplate

Jump start frontend project bundled by Webpack

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Wagtail Tailwind Blog

Wagtail blog based on Tailwind CSS, Stimulus, it supports Markdown, Latex and user comments.

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Tutorial Series

Lightweight Javascript Framework Review (For Django Developers)

I will talk and compare lightweight javascript frameworks, and help you decide which one is the best for your Django project.

Wagtail Tutorial Series

This Wagtail tutorial series teaches you how to create a standard blog using Wagtail CMS step by step.

Django Tailwind CSS Alpine.js Tutorial

This FREE tutorial series will teach you how to integrate Tailwind CSS, Alphine.js and HTMX with Django, and how to make them work together.

Definitive Guide to Django and Webpack

This tutorial series will teach you config Webpack to work with Django step by step.

Django SASS/SCSS Tutorial Series

I will teach you how to use SASS/SCSS in your Django projects.

Django PWA Tutorial Series

This tutorial series will teach you how to build PWA with Django.

Django Heroku Tutorial Series

In this Django Heroku tutorial series, I will talk about how to deploy, scale, monitor and optimize Django project on Heroku.

Scrapy Tutorial Series

Learn web scraping using Scrapy.

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