Django SASS/SCSS Tutorial Series

Last updated on Sep 14 2019 by Michael Yin

What you will get from this Django SASS/SCSS Tutorial

  1. Great articles which teach you how to write SASS/SCSS for your Django projects.

  2. Articles which teach you how to deploy SASS/SCSS for your Django projects.

  3. Open source projects which give you good example config code.

Python way and NPM way

Right now there are mainly two different ways to use SASS/SCSS in Django projects.

One way is to use pure Python packages, the other way is to use NPM solution.

Let's talk about the Python way first.

  1. It is easy to use, people can get all jobs done with a couple of Python config codes.

  2. People do not need to touch NPM stack, so if you do not want to touch front-end stuff, this is a good option.

  3. It does not support some advanced feature, such as lint feature.

What about NPM way?

  1. The NPM solution is a little more complex than the python way

  2. However, with the Node ecosystem, it supports more advanced features and more flexible.

So if you already have SCSS/SASS theme code and just want to make it work with Django, you can use the python way.

If you want to write SCSS/SASS a lot and also need to write more js code, I recommend you to use NPM way.

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