How to deploy Django project to Dokku

In this Dokku tutorial, I will talk about how to deploy Django project with Dokku, it would use Postgres db and Amazon S3 to store data and media files.

Michael Yin

December 31 2021

Heroku Logs Tutorial

In this Heorku tutorial, I talked about how to use heroku logs and how to use Sentry to record error log for Heroku app.

Michael Yin

December 28 2021

Django Heroku Tutorial Series

In this Django Heroku tutorial series, I will talk about how to deploy, scale, monitor and optimize Django project on Heroku.

Michael Yin

December 28 2021

Django SaaS Template

It aims to save your time and money building your product, developed by Michael Yin

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Hotwire is the default frontend solution shipped in Rails, this book will teach you how to make it work with Django, you will learn building modern web applications without using much JavaScript.

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