When Wagtail CMS meets eCommerce subscription


Susan is the Co-Founder of Max Workouts, Inc, she contacts me to ask for help about building a subscription membership website based on Django, and she also wants the project has some CMS features so editors can publish awesome product pages in an efficient way


Considering client wants the style code maintainable and simple to use. We chose Bootstrap because it supports responsive layout very well and has good compatibility on different devices.

We start the work by quickly build the prototype website and use NPM/SCSS to help us customize the style.



To give client a great tool to create attractive content, we did some research on the CMS in Django community (Wagtail CMS, Django CMS), and we found out the Wagtail CMS is the best option here.

Since Client wants to manage all subscriptions on some 3-party platform which support eCommerce subscription management, we build relevant features based on the API, and make sure they work fine and steady.

To make the whole project especially the purchase work steady, we use different types of tests to help detect potential problems of the commit, and test coverage gives us confidence when deploying code to the server.

Wagtail CMS let client manage content in great way. Client is also satisfied with the clean admin UI.

Django helps us do the dev job in a lean way and it would be easy if the client wants to add more functions in the future.

Bootstrap let us build the project with clean UI and layout works fine on different devices

Performance optimization

No user like to use slow web application.

When the project go live, we use APM tool to help us detect the bottleneck of the project, and try to find a way to optimize the whole performance.

Long-term partnership

I have been working together with Susan through the entire process of bringing the product to users.

After the project go live, I still keep helping her to build new feature and fix bugs.

I enjoy working with Michael and I really appreciate everything he have done for this project.

- Susan, Fitness Coach


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