Bring Multi-site feature using Wagtail CMS


Singurealty is a a licensed real estate corporation. They contact us one day asking help about CMS solution. They want to manage content, style of different websites in one CMS system, and they also need to add some custom workflows.


Since the client already hired a Designer to do the design work, so we reviewd the design files and give some feedback.

To make the layout responsive and easy to maintain, we chose Bootstrap to do this. Considering some default components are not useful in this project, we exclude them to make the bundle file smaller to load.

To make editor control certain style, we use css variable and custom css classed to do the job.

We chose Wagtail and Django as Backend framework to do the job. Wagtail is a great CMS built on Django and it supports multi-site feature very well. The page tree structures is easy for editors to understand and manipulate.

Wagtail CMS's multi-site feature is awesome! Client can edit content of different sites in an efficient way.

We also use css class and css variables to let client can control some components style in Wagtail site setting

We use Django to integrate 3-party service to this project and help client convert site visitors.

Michael did a great job and the site looks awesome!

- Tyler Riedal, Co-Founder of Singurealty


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